BOIT started with a simple thought - Why should supercars be out of reach? They are highly under-utilised assets accumulating massive costs. Supercars are desired by so many people, but accessible only to so few. Those who've owned one will know the nuances that come with ownership. Instead of getting into traditional rental space, we decided something needed to be done with the assets already available in the market. So we thought? Why not offer an alternative to ownership, while giving owners the opportunity to not only monetise, but also do something good by sharing a life-changing experience with a fellow car enthusiast! spreading some good Carma!

Work hard. Play harder.

For most people, the ultimate goal would be to pursue their goals so that one day they can buy their dream car. The ones that have driven one know what we're talking about, and the ones that are just about to will soon know. It's addictive and exhilarating. By bringing access closer to the dreamers, were hoping theres an outlet for everyone to play harder, and feel damn good while doing it!

Our Mission

We believe supercar ownership and usage needs a complete makeover. With the entry of new age technology and change in the consumption mindset of the Millenial, we believe the time is perfect to introduce an alternative to car ownership. Our mission is to make supercars, yachts and private jets visible, accessible and convenient for everyone, thereby creating a new customer base for the space that never existed before, and as a by product, organising the market place.