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BOIT is many things. Its a booking platform for supercar owners to exchange messages to eventually exchange cars, yachts and jets when they're not using them. The networking and experiential opportunity is unparallel to anything available today. BOITs booking platform incapsulates all the features necessary for a seemless experience. BOIT is a power network of individuals with likeminded interests. BOIT has an exclusive private Forum for members to discuss issues and make plans to meet. BOIT also hosts exclusive events for their members such as car launches, driver experiences, driving experiences, track days, drag races, F1 paddock passes, and many more experiences built around cars, boats and planes.
BOIT essentially is a dual interface booking platform for members. Members can login as Hosts and as Members. Hosts can upload an asset like a supercar, yacht or private jet. They can set the details, calender and pricing for their assets and regulate who can and cannot use them via their booking system on the app. As a member, you can search for supercars, yachts and jets across various parts of the globe and exchanges messages with the members/vendors who own and manage these assets. Members can Get to a conclusive deal, make the payment and use the asset without any hassel.
BOIT membership is awarded to eligible members and allows them access across all BOIT assets globally. To control the quality of asset usage, BOIT members are screened and regulated by BOITs team, to ensure all BOIT asset owners share in peace. BOIT membership has many features which would make BOIT an exciting part of your life. Plus BOIT membership is free, so not much to lose and a whole bunch to gain!
BOIT has strict policy surrounding membership and reserves the right to admission. Upon registration online, BOIT team would scan the profile and visit the member for a physical verification, sign up and insurance policy to onboard the new member. The insurance team may have a small charge for this process, and is waived off in select cities. Below are the main criteria that must be met to obtain a BOIT membership: - Be above the age of 27. - Currently own/previously owned atleast one supercar (400+ BHP). - Hold a valid drivers licence without any violations marked. - Hold a valid IDP (International Drivers Permit) wherever applicable. Other criteria specific to areas may apply which will be intimated to the members at the time of onboarding.
Currently all BOIT membership is free, but restricted only to select members. BOIT will provide a paid membership which can be opted for by members once there is enough scale of assets in a particular location, to ensure complete benefits that add value to ones lifestyle. Paid membership status is called BOIT BLACK membership, that will cover the following additional services: - No commission on rides, boat & jet hires. - Exclusive access to VIP events and experiences. - 24/7 concierge service. - Zero accidental charges. - Insurance cover of 5 crore (~$US 650,000) annually - Black membership status online - 1 coupon for armed car + armed security escort to escort during a hire of supercar in cities where available, redeemable with advance notice. Subject to availability.
BOIT assets are all supercars that are owned and maintained by BOIT directly. BOIT offers its own assets with the least amount of frills and the maximum amount of flexibility. BOIT Partner assets are assets uploaded by BOIT Partners or vendors that are handpicked globally and other affiliated clubs that participate in the BOIT global program. BOIT Owner asset is an the belongs to another member, who is putting up their personal asset to be shared with others, hence the highest degree of care is taken when a BOIT Owner asset is being booked.
BOIT Passes is a sort of currency when usig BOIT Assets. When a member wants to use an owners asset, the member can offer a Pass to the owner for the use. The owner can then chose to retain those passes, which can be exchanged with another owners car later, or it can be encashed with BOIT for a direct transfer of funds. Funds usually take 2-3 days to remit after the request is raised. Passes value increases over time, so it makes sense to hold onto them now, or exchange them later for a much more valuable experience. BOIT will soon add Yachts and Jets to their classes, for which passes will be an acceptable mode of payment.
Each BOIT member is granted Insurance cover of INR 1 Cr (~US$ 140,000) by default. Insurance cover is provided for usage of assets generally, through our chain of global partners. Any damages, if meeting all the insurance criteria, are processed immediately. BOIT also provides BOIT assets in areas where servicable, as replacement in the case of serious damages.
BOIT will charge a small commission on partner assets when a booking is made. BOIT provides quality of service and ensure members have a smooth sharing eprience. Our dispute management team ensures rightful conclusions to any issues that may arise. All usage of BOIT assets would be open to a larger group of people without any commission charges.