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Mixed vegetable preparation with a hint of bitter or bottle goured with lentil cakes.  

Mochar Tarkari

Banana flower preparation.  

Phulkopi Tarkari ( Seasonal )

Cauliflower preparation.  

Posto Tarkari

Poppy seed paste with vegetables.  

Doi Begun

Baby brinjal or aubergie in a savoury yogurt sauce.  

Dhokar Dalna

Gram flour cake in a delicately flavoured tomato based sauce.  

Palong Channar Kofta

Spinach wrapped cottage cheese balls in a mild coconut gravy.  

Dab Jhinghe

Indian Zucchini mixed with grated coconut, mustard paste and spices stuffed in a green cocomut and steamed.   View details



Papor ( per piece )




Bhetki Fry

Fresh fillet of bhetk marinated in a fusion of herbs and spices, coated in crumbs and deep fried.  

Bhetki Paturi

Fillet of bhetki marinated in a combination of mustard paste, grated coconut and spices, wrapped in banana lead and broiled.  

Rui ( Indian Carp) Kalia

Tantalizing tomato based sauce.  

Rui ( Indian Carp ) Doi

Mild yogurt sauce.  

Daab Chingri

Freshwater shrimp cooked in a combination of grated coconut, mustard paste and spices steamed in a green coconut.   View details

Chitol Muitah

A speciality of Bengal fish cake made from the feather back fish ( Chitol ) in a scrumptious sauce .  

Pabda Jhal

Indian butter fish cooked in a piquant sauce garnished with green chilies and fresh coriander.  


A historic spicy chicken stew cooked on the steamer to Golando in East Bengal.  

Murgi Kasha

A slow cooked and almost dry chicken preparation.  

Shadharon Niramish Thala

Gobindobhog bhaat,phulko luchi,shukto or aloo dum,dal and bhaja of the day,chutney , papor,mishti doi , sandesh and paan.  

Kewpie's Special Niramish Thala

Sadharon niramish thala plus choice of any 2 items from niramish al la carte menu.  

Kewpie's Macher Thala

Sadharon niramish thala plus choice of any 2 fish items from amish alla carte menu.  

Kewpie's Special Amish Combo Thala

Sadharon niramish thala plus choice of any 1 fish item from amish al la carte menu and 1 chicken item from amish al la carte menu.  

Kewpie's Mahabojh ( Celebratory) Amish Thala

Sadharon niramish thala plus choice of 1 item from niramish al la carte menu and 3 non veg items from amish al la carte menu and fish and meat special menu.  

Childrens Veg Thali

Special thali for children under 12 yrs.  

Elish Bhape

Hilsha the queen of Bengal fishes slow cooked in a mustard sauce.  

Chingri Malai

Medium sized fresh water prawn cooked in a creamy coconut milk sauce.  

Kakra Jhal or Chorchori

Mud crabs cooked in a tasty robust sauce or stir fried with garlic, ginger,onion and green chillies garnished with fresh coriander.  

Mangsho Kasha

A slow cooked mutton preparation.  



5 items

Extra rice  


Extra luchi  

Aloo Dum

Extra aloo dum  


Extra Dal  


Extra bhaja  



2 items


Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi  



4 items
Bottled Water

Bottled water  

Aerataed Drinks

Aerataed drinks  

Fresh Lime Soda

Fresh lime soda  

Fresh Lime Water

Fresh lime water