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  LOVELY DATING is a Dolphin V 7.2 Template for BoonEx Dolphin community websites. It will give an awesome look so your users can enjoy it even more. The layout is adaptable, which means that you will be able to easily configure it per your needs and gr
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  It will give a facebook look to your website, so your users can enjoy it even more. It offers a delightful full-screen slider, css3 animation, Animated popup, Button, Dropdown and more features that you will effortlessly get used to. It looks absolu
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  Auto suggestion results for any page of the website.It has all installed modules of the site as an option to searchThis mod currently supports only BOONEX modules. NO third party modules.If you want, We can do customization to integrate this for third
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Features Background Smooth Zooming Slider Animated Login and Join Popup Unlimited Background Images Responsive (Mobile-Friendly) Free InstallationSplash page fields are same with join page.You can control the Join form in admin page builder. Down
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Latest Google Plus Responsive Theme - Dolphin V7.2 Features Preloader screen 4 Different colors Google plus side navigation Menu Navigation icons added in Menu Animated Login and Join Popup Responsive (Mobile-Friendly) Free Installation Downlo
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Merry Christmas - Dolphin V 7.2 Template   Features Snow Fall Effect in your website Homepage Responsive Slider Back to Top Button Animated Login Popup Free Installation Download NowLive DemoBoonex   More information:
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Abserve Theme With Powerful AdminPanel Download NowLive DemoBoonex     Features Download NowLive DemoBoonex   More information:  support@abservetech.comSkype: balakannavWebsite:
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